Monday, February 29, 2016

Wendy May Andrews take on love.

What does love mean to me?

Why do I read romance books?

To me, true love is both exciting and comforting all at once. True love takes time. It is not the first thrill of infatuation, but the deep love that can only come after months and years together. You still find your partner attractive, engaging, even fascinating, but you can also comfortably be yourself without fear of judgment. True love means always having someone in your corner, and always being in theirs. Being each other’s number one fan but also being willing to be honest and telling your partner what they need to hear, even when it’s not what they want to hear. True love centers your life, and lays a foundation for your future.

The demonstration of true love, to me, is when my husband searches for a Mexican restaurant wherever we travel, because he knows it’s my favorite, even though it’s not his. Or when he’ll happily listen to me gush about my latest writers’ workshop or sounds as though he knows my characters almost as well as I do even though he hasn’t read my manuscript. True love is truly taking an interest in your partner’s interests, even if they aren’t really your cup of tea.

Hilariously, though, that is not what romance novels are usually about. They are generally about the infatuation stage, which is the thrilling aspect of love. It is for that excitement that I read romance books. They are entertaining and enjoyable, a fabulous escape from the day to day. Romance books take you on a journey to a different time and place where you can experience the thrill of new love vicariously through the characters’ eyes.

I love romance books! And enjoy the thrill of reading them. I love being able to write romantic stories and I am grateful to my fellow writers who write for my enjoyment.

Happy reading :)

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