Saturday, August 16, 2014

My Town in Three Photos - Placerville, California

by Rachel Carter
Downtown Main St. during winter. Beautiful. The entire town is actually considered a historic landmark for California because of its involvement during the gold rush.
 Downtown Main St. at night with the famous bell tower lit up. Once used as an alarm system for fire it now serves as monument to the city’s volunteer firemen.

One of the most famous painters of all time, Thomas Kinkade, grew up in Placerville. This picture is a depiction of his hometown. According to Maura Judkis with The Washington Post, “1 in every 20 American homes owns a copy of one of [Kinkade’s] paintings.”


  1. Hi, Rachel,

    Lovely photos! I enjoyed your blog.

  2. Thanks so much -it's a beautiful town to live in:)