Tuesday, August 5, 2014

RELEASE DAY: Cara Lee "Twice Bold"


Wynne Imaguman doesn’t dislike Hector Primuman the Fourth, heir to the governor of the Arzon space colony. She’s just terrified of what she’s managed to learn about the colony and wants to flee as soon as she can. She’s been groomed to be Hector’s Partner, though, and he’s all but admitted he loves her. She doesn’t want to be cruel, but if she doesn’t make everyone think she’s falling in love with him, they’ll change her so she does.

Hector Primuman the Fourth has known the truth of the colony for as long as he can remem-ber, and he’s also known that Wynne would be terrified once she figured it out. He doesn’t blame her—he doesn’t care for it, either—but there’s nothing he can do about it, other than let Wynne, the only person he’d consider a friend, break his heart.

And that’s if they can get her out before either of them ends up dead or psychologically altered.



Cara Lee is the name used for the dystopian works of Misti Wolanski (who otherwise writes out-right fantasy). Technology, biology, propaganda, and the moral implications of all three have fascinated the author since she first noticed how people with power tend to abuse it. She now writes stories that explore control and the boundaries where helpful becomes hurtful, and vice versa. At least, that’s what she does when her cat isn’t trying to sneak sips of her coffee.



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In the living area she'd spent her life sharing with her mother, her aunt, and her cousin, sixteen-year-old Wynne Layuman tapped her tablet on the table and wondered what her new room assignment would look like. She'd grown up a Layuman, like her mother, and therefore she'd had access to all the blueprints for the colony, since her materline was responsible for constructing the buildings and keeping the colony dome intact. She'd long ago memorized the blueprints, so she knew the possible layouts, but that was architecture. Would her new place already be decorated, or would she have to use her resource credits to figure that out, herself?

Two days ago, she and all the other colonists of her year had hit Dyad — age sixteen — and had taken a series of examinations that tested their aptitudes for all the various jobs. Each job was run by a family line, and a Dyad could pick the family-job she wanted of all the ones she tested into.


Practically, Wynne had no choice, because one of the emotion-manipulators would force her to pick Imaguman — inventor — if she tried to become something else.

As an Imaguman, she would go up a tier in family status, which would get her a private suite. Her rooms would be larger, along with her resource allotment, and she'd probably even get a Servuman assigned to her. The Servuman would be duty-bound to report any suspicious comments or behavior, so Wynne's living quarters still wouldn't be safe for making plans to flee the colony. She shuddered.

To prevent her emotions being manipulated to make her fall in love with Hector Primuman the Fourth, Wynne had to convince her mother that she was picking Imaguman out of fondness for Hector. She could not be thought terrified of everyone over age thirty-two. That age, Tetrad, was when adults of the Arzon colony were given whatever activated the psychic abilities that at least some members of the colony were genengineered to have.

From what Wynne had managed to break free enough to notice, most didn't survive activation, and some genders were more likely to survive than others, running down family lines. Her line was predisposed to the females surviving — like her mother, who could make a person feel what she wanted them to.

Hector had his abilities already, but Wynne was afraid to ask if he'd been born with them activated or if he'd just been given the activator early. She knew he'd already had to kill at least one person, and he didn't like talking about it.

Wynne stared at her tablet. Two days ago, she and the other Dyads had taken the requisite examinations that would determine what families they qualified to belong to. Yesterday, they'd celebrated their debuts into the adult world…and Wynne had realized she'd been groomed from conception to be Hector's Partner.

That realization wasn't the straw that broke the camel's back — she'd already wanted to flee the colony as soon as she could — but it left her with bone-deep terror that she was doomed to fail.

She also was afraid to know what psychic abilities had been wired into someone meant to be Partner of a man who could kill with his mind and whose body would start collapsing around him before he hit Triad.

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