Tuesday, August 5, 2014

RELEASE DAY: Mya O'Malley "At First Sight"

Annie Morgan, a romantic at heart, is holding out for the singular idea of love at first sight.  Making a deal with her best friend, Annie reluctantly agrees to go on exactly five online dates out of seventy-six potential suitors.
            Based on past relationships, Shane Nicholls is convinced that all women are trouble.  He avoids drama at all costs, but somehow it seems to find him around every corner.
            Can Annie and Shane break through all the obstacles, twists and turns of the dating world and find themselves in one another’s arms or will stubborn pride tear them apart?  Annie and Shane find that love at first sight really can happen if you truly believe.
Mya O’Malley was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City, where she currently lives with her husband, daughter and three step-daughters.  The family also consists of a boxer named Destiny and a ragdoll cat named Colby.  Mya earned an undergraduate degree in special education and a graduate degree in reading and literacy.   She works as a special education teacher and enjoys making a difference in the lives of her students. 
            Mya’s passion is writing; she has been creating stories and poetry since she was a child.   Mya spends her free time reading just about anything she can get her hands on.  She is a romantic at heart and loves to create stories with unforgettable characters.   Mya likes to travel; she has visited several Caribbean Islands, Mexico and Costa Rica.   Mya is currently working on her fourth novel.  
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Chapter One
Was it truly such a horrible idea? Annie shook her head at the thought that was slowly creeping into her mind. Online dating? She would have never thought in a million years she would even consider such a possibility. But honestly, was there any other choice for finding a relationship in this day and age? Annie sighed dramatically to herself, she was divorced and alone. Sure, she had friends, but they were busy with their husbands and children. Finding love wasn’t so easy the second time around, was it? No it wasn’t, but Annie was a romantic at heart. She held out for finding the perfect man, if he even existed. She was just kidding herself, but still…
Humming, Annie brewed a cup of coffee as she perused the morning newspaper. Suddenly realizing she had read the same paragraph about a local school charity at least five times, she folded the paper with a huff and pushed it aside. Her mind wandered back to the lingering possibility of finding true love online. Samantha, her best friend, had met her husband on one of those sites that advertise finding your perfect soul mate. Samantha and Terry were certainly compatible, but it hadn’t been an easy journey. Samantha had been through an endless stream of dates; the list was actually quite hilarious. There was that professor who wanted to marry Samantha after exactly three dates and then there was the teacher who forgot her name all the time because he was on a different date almost every night. Yeah, so why would she want to put herself through that?
As if her hand had a mind of its own, Annie reached for her laptop on the kitchen counter. It came to life with a hum as Annie drummed the table with her fingers and sipped at her steaming coffee. Typing in the name of the site in which Samantha had met Terry, she glanced around sheepishly, as if somebody would discover her secret, even though she lived in her apartment alone. Well, she was alone, technically, except for her young black and white cat, Cleo.
Cleo bounced along her keyboard, his long, bushy tail brushing across Annie’s face while purring loudly. Annie hated to disappoint him, but he was not allowed to walk on her computer.
“Off, Cleo. Scoot.” She brushed him aside.
The site presented itself in full glory. She was prompted to type in her gender and age. Annie typed her age into the space and cringed. Twenty- nine years old. Almost the big 3-0, she squirmed at the frightening thought. Forcing her mind on the task at hand, she perused the website. The choices made her giggle and whistle softly under her breath. There was a full spectrum of possibilities here, from the professional to the rugged workman. This could prove to be interesting. Annie’s grin spread across her face.
“Well … here goes nothing!” She typed in her basic information and waited for the computer to register her input. Within seconds, several pages filled with men in her area popped up.
“This is just incredible.”
Annie was jolted back into reality as her cell chirped beside her.
“Hello, Sammy.”
“Hey, what’s going on? You were supposed to pick me up a half an hour ago.”
Annie glanced at her kitchen clock and sprang from her seat. Her coffee mug tipped over as the warm liquid spilled across her thighs. She dropped her cell on the table.
“Oh!” Running for the paper towels, Annie scrambled to mop up the mess. She realized that her friend was still waiting on the phone and sighed in disgust.
Annie grabbed her cell as she wiped her other hand across her pajama bottoms. “Sam? Sorry, I spilled my coffee all over the place.”
Annie listened to her friend as she rambled on about their plans for the day. Feeling awful about losing track of time, Annie apologized profusely. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I just got so caught up in this whole online dating experience…” The words were out of her mouth before she could stop them. Oh no. She could hear squeals coming from her friend across the line.
“Yes, I’ve decided to try it, Sam.” Annie’s smile covered her face as her friend continued talking. Annie nodded and assured her friend she would have an open mind and try to forget about her awful, two-timing ex-husband, Greg. Hating to think about it, she realized that Greg had hurt her more than she would ever care to admit, even to herself.
Divorce was not an easy thing, but Annie was happy that she had only wasted two years instead of twenty years with the louse. She was holding out for the whole picture, the husband, the house and the kids, love at first sight. She swore she would not become jaded as a result of that loser. She was determined to prove it to herself. Before getting dressed for the day, Annie peeked at the matches the site had magically concocted for her; not bad. Some of these guys didn’t seem that awful. It seemed she would have plenty to look through when she arrived back home later in the day.

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