Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 12

Day12-The Legacy by Patricia Kiyono

When Andy Tanaka finds an old wooden chest in a storage shed on his family’s flower farm, he can’t wait to share his discovery with his best friend, Leigh Becker.

Inside the dusty lacquered chest are a pair of swords, some Japanese clothing, and a mysterious scroll, which could provide links to his samurai ancestor. They find someone to translate the scroll and then research the significance of the other items, intent on ensuring the legacy isn’t forgotten.

In the process, they learn not only about samurai history, but also some surprising truths about themselves.
Contemporary Romance
13k words

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Here’s what people are saying on Amazon:
I don't usually read novels of this length or subject matter, but found that this little novella was the perfect read for an evening when I wanted to curl up to a good book but didn't have the time to devote to a longer story. The author does a great job of providing an intriguing plot in such a short story, without leaving major gaps for the reader to imagine what happened between major points/events. The characters seem real and the story offers some surprising twists. For only $1, I found it a steal. I'm definitely looking forward to Kiyono's future pieces!
I've never read anything like "The Legacy". Samuri warrior family heritage and Manga were completely foreign concepts to me, yet the author did a wonderful job of not only drawing me into the story, but also making me feel comfortable and familair with these new topics. Even though this story is a novella, it's proportion and storyline were perfect, it made me want to immediatley pick up the next book in the series! The pull between the main characters was natural, everything about the story was wonderful. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a great short read with some great character development and family history.

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