Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 13

Day13-Emily Dahill by Lindsay Downs

Final Mission

After being seriously wounded in a copter crash in Iraq Sgt. Emily Dahill meets her new partner as she embarks on her new Army career as a CID agent. Who could this new partner be?

A Body in the Snow

Emily and her partner, Dakota, cross bullets with their most determined foe. Who will survive?

Right Place, Wrong Day

 On leave to hang with friends Emily gets the surprise of her life.

Dog on Fishing

When it comes to knowing how to fish, and catch the big ones, never underestimate your partner. He might surprise you.

10,659 words

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Here’s what people are saying on Amazon:

 Emily Dahill CID Part One is a great introduction to the series. We first meet Sgt. Dahill . a strong protagonist, as she embarks on a mission with two newbie soldiers in tow. The mission goes south and Sgt. Dahill is left with not only physical, but mental scars from a copter crash. During her recovery she takes on a new partner, Dakota, who is not only a great protector, but also a therapeutic friend.

Emily Dahill CID Part One is written with a fresh voice and storyline. This is the first story I've ever read with a Collie POV which gave it an original spin, something that is difficult to pull off with the mass amount of stories being published today. At first, I was concerned that this read wasn't for me due to the army terminology, but Lindsay Downs did a great job weaving in those terms for a civilian.

I can't wait to read more about the mysterious man with the brown hair and how Dakota, the collie, will save the day. Truly a great story to be enjoyed by all! 


Emily Dahill is a strong female protagonist in this series of tales from Lindsay Downs. Introduced in the first story as a sergeant in Iraq, Emily shows her skill while training two newbies just before returning home. But her return is delayed and her confidence shaken in a helicopter crash. Pleasingly, as Emily embarks on a new army career as CID, she finds a partner who will help restore her strength.

Iraq's scares and the details of a soldier's care are described with the same convincing skill as a peaceful riverbank in this short collection. A Body in the Snow tells of a snowy meeting with Emily's fugitive nemesis. Then there's the sudden shock of Wrong Place, Wrong Day, when a gun is pointed into Emily's tent. Finally, Dog on Fishing reveals the delight of leave with friends. Emily's world includes generous family and friendships and a wonderful dog, pleasing humor and just the right touch of fear. The stories together might leave readers wondering what happened in between. But the series is off to an intriguing start--great characters to follow, a dog (what more could I ask?), a long-term foe and lots of long-term friends, plus the well-fulfilled promise of short-term action.

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