Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 6

Day 6-To Urn Her Love by Elaina Lee
Caylie Abrahms bad day gets worse when the teen brother she's responsible for proudly hands her a gift.  Just wanting to show how much he appreciates all his sister does for him, Kyle steals what he believes is an ornate glass vase.  The gift is anything but however, and now Caylie has to find the owner of an urn.  Worst yet, she has to explain her dear brother stole someones loved one.

Against all odds she learns the urn belongs to Rick Marshall, her best friend from college, the man she'd poured her heart out to and been rejected by.  She never thought she'd see him again, let alone have to hand him back his father in glass.  Will her resolve remain strong in his presence, or will she suffer another broken heart?

Short Story
Contemporary Romance

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Here’s what people are saying on Amazon:

 Considering the serious edge to the subject matter - a stolen urn and a troubled teen - I almost hate to fess up to the number of times TO URN HER LOVE made me laugh out loud. Suffice to say it happened a LOT. The story opens in one of those been-there-done-that moments, some version of which we've all found ourselves in a time or two. Then the initial conflict builds into one hysterical layer after another, culminating in a heart-warming resolution that will make you so glad you picked this one up. What's more, proceeds from this title currently benefit Alabama tornado relief. A fantastic story and a good deed all in one? You just can't feel anything but good about adding this one to your shelf!


To Urn Her love is a story about finding love in strange places. When Caylie Abrams' little brother decides to help her out by stealing a weird looking vase to sell, he places his sister in a predicament she never could have dreamed of.

Rick Marshall was her fantasy, the ultimate one that got away. Her humiliation over his rejection so many years ago has lessened, but never fully healed. Now that they have been thrown together by circumstances that nobody could have predicted, can they make their past wrong right?

I'm not usually a fan of shorter works. I find that the shorter length usually either doesn't allow enough detail for me to be interested, or is a frustratingly brief start to a story that could have been better told in a full length novel. 
Not so for To Urn Her Love. From page one, I was captivated by the characters that Elaina Lee has woven with so much detail they could leap off the page. The story unfolds with the right amount of back story to keep it interesting and let us know the characters, yet still gains momentum towards the major plot in a satisfying manner.

There are dashes of wry humour throughout, which made me laugh and enjoy the story more than if it had been a more serious tale - which; given the object around which the story centres, it could have easily been. 
The central character, Caylie is at some points heartbreakingly real. Saddled with far too many responsibilities, she took me on a journey that, although brief was satisfying and left a smile on my face. I'd recommend it for anyone wanting a lighthearted, fun read, and hope to see more from Elaina Lee in the future. 


When you read the synopsis for To Urn Her Love, you get a sense that you are about to read a somewhat serious story. A young boy, Kyle, steals a glass vase to give to his sister, Caylie, not knowing it is an urn with ashes in it. They then have to return the urn and admit to the theft to a man who broke Caylie's heart years ago. All I can do is hope that this story was written `tongue in cheek', because I found myself laughing a lot. This is a well written and enjoyable short story. I would definitely recommend To Urn Her Love.

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  1. This one sounds like a nice plot and we all have those well meaning family members with a little larceny in them. (-;