Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Horse Happy

Written by Kim Bowman

My and Kay Springsteen’s newest release A LOT LIKE A LADY has my two favorite things – horses and dogs. I thought I’d share some fun pictures from our kids’ 4-H days. These first few photos are from the contesting class. I must admit, I was sad when the kids decided they were too old to dress up. But I have pictures to torture them with forever! MUAHAHAHA!

Starting at the top left we have Jaci and Billy dressed as ballerinas. Sadly we lost the old boy to a heart attack a year and half ago (he was 24). But he had a good life and spend the last five years as a pasture ornament just loving life and eating hay.

On the left are Tye and Sonny dressed as grim reapers. My husband rescued Sonny. He was trapped in a barbed wire fence (a HUGE scar ran down the right side of his body) and he would have died from exposure. We lost Sonny to old age about 5 years ago. He had gone blind, could only see shadows, so we kept him in our backyard where we could keep him safe from the other horses. He was spoiled and lived a long happy life, but we still miss him.

In the middle is Jaci riding Tuff. This is her first year in 4-H. HOW CUTE! The bottom left we have Jaci and Boomer. They did a lot of work on that costume! The bottom right is also Jaci on Boomer; this time as a dog catcher. My sister brought up her beagle, Molly to put in the cage. Why you asked? Because Molly is a HOOT and we knew she’d really put on a show. Which she did, in spades – especially when the judge walked by her eating an ice cream cone. She howled like she was dying. Everyone was in stitches. 

 Our kids loved participating in the contesting events like barrel racing, pole bending. I love the action in these pictures.

The top left picture is of Todd running poles on Luke and the right picture is of Jaci running barrels on Brooke. The picture below is of Jaci performing in the goat tying competition at the Junior Rodeo. Most of the time we missed her because the minute she jumped off Luke, he would make a trip around the arena bucking like a bronco! He loved it and did it every time! At least he waited til she was off. I hope you enjoyed the pictures of my babies! And I hope you’ll check out the A LOT LIKE A LADY!

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