Monday, May 14, 2012

Who’s Your Inspiration?

Written by Ruth Hartman

For “Better Than Catnip” my inspiration are my two cats, Maxwell and Roxy. Not only did I name the main characters after them, the book itself is about a cat shelter. I’ve loved cats my whole life, so this book was a labor of love for me. I couldn’t think of better character names than those of my own furry kids.

Every cat I’ve ever had has been a stray or a rescue. On top of the ones I’ve adopted and brought inside to live with us, I’ve live-trapped and had neutered/spayed at least a couple of dozen feral cats over the years. Yes, it’s costly, and time-consuming, but it’s so worth it. To know I’ve made a cat’s life easier and healthier is enough for me.

In this story, Roxy’s lifelong passion is, like mine, all about cats. When she meets a man she’s attracted to, things don’t go smoothly. Max, the hero, has to take into consideration Derek, his son. Derek just happens to be terrified of everything “cat”, so Max and Roxy have their work cut out for them.

It’s funny, sweet, and purrfectly romantic!

Blurb for “Better Than Catnip”:

Roxy Williams adores cats. Always has. That’s why she devotes her life to running her stray cat shelter. But is that enough? Isn’t there a man out there who will love her for who she is? A special man who won’t try to change her or ask her to choose between him and her cats?

Max Weller has a problem. His son, Derek, must complete community service for fighting at school. The only available place is the stray cat shelter. But Derek is terrified of cats from a frightening childhood experience. How will they get through this traumatic experience?

Roxy and Max feel the strong attraction pulling them together as Max volunteers at the shelter, too. Will they be able to keep the spark alive? Or will Derek’s fears come between them?

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