Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Off the Wall: Some Oddities about Astraea Press Writers - Part One

Gunnar Grey, mystery~adventure:
When my coffee mug is empty, I want to carry it with my left hand. When it's full, I want to carry it with my right.
AP titles: Deal withthe Devil

Kay Springsteen, contemporary and Regency romance:
I will cross the street rather than walk over a sewer grate of any sort.
AP titles: Heartsight, Heartsent, Operation: Christmas Hearts, Lifeline Echoes, Elusive Echoes, A LotLike a Lady

S.G. Rogers, children’s fantasy and fantasy romance:
I drink Tab for breakfast.
AP titles: The Last Great Wizard of Yden, Minna & the Valentine

Stephy Smith, historical and contemporary Western romance:
I take the back roads to avoid cities.
AP titles: Rescued from the River, Shawnee’s Creek, Sanders Cross, Lizzie and the Rebel, the Long Moon, Gentry’s Gallery of Angels, Swim the River

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