Thursday, May 24, 2012

What's New?

It's release day at Astraea Press, and we have some great stories for you. So let's take a peek...

Price: $2.99

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Davey Devaney has hit rock bottom at Fort Gibson after losing most of his family during the forced Trail of Tears march and Indian Removals.  He decides to stop drinking and go in search of his sole remaining brother, Johnny, who left the fort months earlier.  He

travels what he hopes is the same route Johnny took and when he finds his brother, their reunion is all he hoped to find.  Still, his brother’s found a wife and happiness, two things Davey craves.  As he struggles to settle back into ordinary life along the rugged frontier, he finds he’s attracted to a lovely young Scotswoman, Jenny, the adopted daughter of the storekeeper at the nearby settlement.  What Fills The Heart follows the same family from The Marriage Cure with the unique blending of Cherokee and Irish culture.

Price: $2.99

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When Beth left suddenly, it broke two hearts ... but she’d had no choice.  Shane, a rugged, ex-Airborne biker, handled it badly ... but so had she.  Three years later and 2000 miles away, she desperately needs her ex-lover’s protection from a violent menace with ‘bad history’ who’ll do anything to reclaim a mysterious suitcase Beth possesses.

            Long before Shane acquired that overnighter, a ‘silent movie’ actress kept secrets there ... and now several lives are in jeopardy.  An ambitious female state senate candidate hires a ruthless investigator to eliminate potential campaign ‘problems’ like her dark family secret — a bizarre 1889 murder.

            Is Beth’s terrifying ordeal simply because she unwittingly possesses the overnighter’s secrets?  Or is it due to the meth-fueled dumpster-diver’s ‘unfinished business’?

            Shane will likely return to California after he resolves this Tennessee ‘situation’ ... so Beth struggles to resist her reawakened feelings.  But before she can sort out their renewed relationship ... Beth is kidnapped!  To rescue her Shane enters an obvious trap in a dilapidated hotel.  Only with Beth’s help can both survive the violent struggle against her kidnappers.

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