Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Partial to Pit Bulls

Written by Kim Bowman

In my and Kay Springsteen’s new release A LOT LIKE A LADY , Kay and I have a lot of fun with the antics of Uncle Lucien’s bull dog, Lord Percy—starting with the fact that the unruly mongrel is named after a member of the nobility. So in honor of our new release, I thought I’d pay tribute to a couple of my babies and help raise awareness about what wonderful family dogs pit bulls can be. We’ve owned six and they have all been loving, intelligent, obedient dogs.

These pictures are of our beloved Derby and Tess running the agility course in the 4-H dog show many years ago. Sadly, both our babies have passed (I intend to write a blog post in the next couple of weeks paying tribute to Tess. For the post on Derby’s tragic death, you can go here:, but they are very much alive in our hearts. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to check out A LOT LIKE A LADY.

This is our beautiful Tess. She was awesome at obedience as long as she didn’t see me! LOL! She was definitely my baby. Tess took to the agility course great, but she loved the A-Frame the best (the first picture) and when Jaci ran the course off-leash, Tess would make a break for it to the A-Frame causing them to be disqualified! LOL!

Poor Derby would get so excited during obedience that he just couldn’t do it! He knew what was coming next – AGILITY! Derby LOVED Tye and he was happiest when he was performing for his human. See that first place ribbon!!! 

The picture below was in the Frankfort Times. The photographer was so impressed with out pits and how well behaved they were and he wanted to depict them
 in a positive light in the paper!

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  1. That is a beautiful tribute to a wonderful breed.
    People don't realize, it's not the breed that makes them mean but the idiots that own them that do.
    I bet someone could take by beloved collie or border collie and at the right age turn the dog mean.