Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Birthday day 18

Cover for 'Knight of the Dead'

Persephone Richards is in a pinch. With a wrecked car and bills stacking up, the income from her job at the daycare isn’t enough. Mark Lawrence needs a sitter for his little girl and Persephone is perfect for the job. What begins as an employment opportunity leads to romance. However, a secret Persephone hides threatens the happy ever after and puts the three of them in danger. 

Cover for 'A Collie Rescue'

Former Army Sergeant Sandi Charleston, diagnosed with PTSD and homeless, barely survives day to day. By a miracle of fate, she meets Taz, a uniquely special collie, who helps turn her life around. It's only through him she finds the courage to go head-to-head with her worst enemy—terrorists bent on mass destruction.

Bound by a special love to help and protect each other, side by side these two unlikely partners willingly march forward into battle. A fight to the death neither is sure can be won, but fighting as one, they will try.

Kidnapped and forced to reveal what she knows, Sandi realizes there is only one individual who can save her. It's not the government, but her new best buddy. Together they defeat the enemy proving once again that battle buddies come in all shapes and breeds. 

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  1. Merci merci beaucoup! Vous êtes magnifiques Astraea Press! :) . How is that for a bilingual thank you to a very generous Stephanie Taylor & Astraea Press. :) Gee I cannot be the only person that has trouble getting my comments to work out if I type directly into the box. I keep having to edit and then starting over just to have the program permit me to make changes while I am still typing in the box :(. It is not only on this website. Is this a Blogger problem? And then, I know that I'm not a robot, but do they realise how tough those Captcha's are for those of us who are disabled and have eyesight & typing issues. It has already taken me three tries, and I'm going to try again. They should develop a special password for the disabled so we don't have to fight the system. It discourages us from commenting. I want to thank Astraea for these books which is why I've put up with trying over & over again, but on average, I would have just said, forget it. Coders out there.... Solutions please :)