Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why I write for Astraea Press: Brenda Maxfield

                 I love to assign silent reading to my high school students. With frenzied lives full of homework, sports, work, and other activities, they don’t have a minute to spare—let alone twenty uninterrupted minutes to read. So, as often as possible, I give it to them.
                Silent reading is always with books of their choice (within reason, as I do answer to parents). Often I see students, especially girls, yearning for romance and drama and adventure, but unable to find them in a good, clean read. Many of my students don’t enjoy foul language, promiscuous relationships, and lurid details, nor do they like being surprised by them after they’re already entranced with a story.
                So finding Astraea Press with its high standards was a delightful surprise. I not only found a company to recommend to my students, but also a company to pursue personally as an author. Luckily for me, I’ve become an Astraea author. Astraea Press has blessed me with an approachable and enthusiastic company president, wonderful editors and staff, and a close welcoming group of authors.
                Frankly, I fell into a gold mine.
                Astraea Press is releasing my first book, The Lance Temptation, a YA contemporary, Feb. 12th and I’m under contract for book two. I look forward to a productive long-term relationship with Astraea Press. Their number of repeat authors speaks volumes. Authors don’t stay and submit multiple times with a company unless they’re happy.  
                Kudos to Stephanie and everyone who helps make Astraea Press an exceptional, growing company. I’d encourage readers everywhere to explore and enjoy what we offer, and I’d encourage writers to give Astraea Press serious consideration.
                You can join me in the gold mine!

Brenda Maxfield, Author

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  1. I think you hit the nail on the head: authors won't submit multiple titles to the same publisher unless they LIKE (or love) the way that publisher's operates.
    And treats their books!