Friday, February 15, 2013

Why I Write for Astraea Press: Sherry Gloag

“You can choose your friends, but not your family.”  I don’t know who said this first, but while they are right—technically, on another level this saying is not accurate as there are many kinds of ‘family’.

Writing is a solitary occupation so it is more important than may be imagined by most readers for the author to find a publisher that they can ‘fit-in’ with. The relationship between author and publisher is not the same as a worker and employer relationship in a normal business environment.  So it is important to find the one that is right for you. So how do you choose a publisher?

When you write a certain kind of book and you have to search and wean out the publishers that take those genres. But it’s much more than that.  It’s the integrity of the company, it is the attitude of those employed at, and by the publisher, those who will be working with you to provide the best product possible before it hits the e-shelves.

Astraea Press is owned by Stephanie Taylor, and she has employed some awesome people to work with her authors at every stage of production. It is then, that first time you work with them on your book, you find yourself being absorbed into the ‘family atmosphere’. 

Don’t be fooled by that terminology, Stephanie runs a tight ship.  She knows what she wants and sees to it that her authors comply with her wishes and her standards. And—she listens to her readers.  If they have a grouse, she’s there, offering one-to-one discussions to see how she, and her authors, can rectify/better the already high standards Astraea Press work with.

Astraea Press have published two of my novellas, and one full-length novel, and it has been a pleasure to work in conjunction with every single person detailed to take me through from acceptance to release date.  Standards are high, and sometimes extremely challenging, and that has to be good for publisher, author and readers. 

After finding it hard to acquire books Stephanie Taylor wanted to read it became one of her aspirations to ensure Astraea Press provides Sweet and Clean romances. Stephanie Taylor and the people that work with her are always striving to raise the bar of quality, and to expand opportunities for the company and therefore for their authors and readers.

In the two years since Stephanie opened the doors of Astraea Press it has gone from strength to strength and carved its own particular niche in the publishing world. It has become a company to be reckoned with and one that authors strive to join.

When you put it all together, it is the the camaraderie between fellow authors and Astraea press personnel that helps to create that special family atmosphere.

Vidal's Honor by Sherry Gloag  His Chosen Bride by Sherry Gloag  From Now Until Forever by Sherry Gloag


  1. very well said, Sherry.
    I agree completely about the family atmosphere we've found at A.P.

    1. A joy to meet you Sherry. I love reading historical romances most and excited to read yours hopefully soon!. I have found so much comfort, cheerfulness and just a great feeling all around reading Astraea books. And the prices have helped so much being disabled. I love that the historical romances come out each month (and the paranormal and the fantasy and...). Thanks for the free reads Astraea Press.

    2. Caffey thank you for your feedback. It is when readers share their reading experience with an author that the author's family expands yet again. It becomes something even more special because it becomes a commeraderie between suthors, publisher --and READERS ;-) I'm delighted you enjoy AP's books, and thank you for your following.

    3. :-) Jeff, sorry I'm clean out of M&Ms but thanks for your company today.

  2. Hear, hear! Well put, Sherry! Love the comfortable family atmosphere at AP, yet I know at every turn what is expected of me.

  3. You guys are making me all teary. When I put out a call for the "why I write for AP posts" I never meant for it to be about ME. I'm such a blessed, blessed, BLESSED, and happy business owner. I love my work and I love all of you dearly!