Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Why I Write for Astraea Press: Elaine Cantrell

I found Astraea Press a few months before it officially opened for business.  I belong to a yahoo group called Sweeter Romantic Notions that was sponsoring a pitch day.  Various publishers would talk with the authors who had posted their pitches on the loop.  If they liked the pitches, they requested either the manuscript of the full novel.

Well, Astraea Press requested A New Dream.  I had a few reservations about submitting to a brand new publisher, but I decided to give them a chance because of the way the publisher Stephanie Taylor interacted on the Yahoo group.

I soon found I’d picked a winner.  Stephanie was open and friendly with the authors, and so was the rest of her staff, all of whom knew their business.  They also listened.  Best of all, the press wouldn't publish anything but sweet romance.  What a dream come true.  In some places I had felt like a red headed stepchild with my sweet romances, but not at Astraea.  Sweet romance is what Astraea is all about. 

I also liked the friendliness of the other authors.  They were willing to help each other out in any way they could.  As the press grows, it will be harder to know everyone, but I’m thinking maybe some of these authors will manage it.

At present Astraea has published three of my full length novels and one short novella, and I’ve also contributed a story to a charity anthology.  I just signed a contract for another work called The Enchanted which I think is a fun story. 

If you’re an author I don’t think you’ll go wrong at Astraea, and if you’re a reader, do check out all of Astraea’s lovely books.  There’s a whole lot of talent here. 


  1. Nice posting, Elaine. It's always fun to read how authors made their contact with Astraea Press and why they stay. Looking forward to The Enchanted.

  2. I sometimes wish I had "found" Astrea a few months earlier. But it was kinda cool being the new guy on the block for those few weeks in Jan. last year.
    The 'veteran' authors, like you were very gracious.

    1. oops. I left out a comma in that last line...

  3. Its hard to believe its only been two years since Astraea went into business. Stephanie Taylor is definitely doing something right!

  4. Thanks Elaine for your kind and supportive informative on Astraea Press and your experience with this publisher.